How to Cancel an Organization

We understand it happens. Things have changed and you want to remove your data from Show GOAT Pro. No problem. You can cancel the Organization from the organization detail page. You must have the role of Org Administrator to initiate this change. Send an email to to initiate the request.

We recommend ensuring you are on a free plan. More details are here: How To End A Paid Organization Subscription

If you are the only user associated with the organization, the cancellation will be immediately approved.

If there are multiple users connected to an organization, they will be notified by email and given a chance to challenge the cancellation. Once the cancellation process has begun, other users will have 72 hours to follow the instructions and respond. Any user with the role of Organization Administrator can decide to keep the organization going, and take over payments. This will stop the Organization Cancellation process.

Once all approvals have been acknowledged or expired, we will be ready to delete your data. An organization that has been cancelled, will remain in our system for a month. Then organization artifacts will be deleted. This includes:

  • Costumes
  • Props
  • Performances
  • Events
  • Pictures & Files

We will work to honor all requests for data deletion as quickly as possible. The only reason for delay will be to ensure the request is genuine, and that nobody from the organization wishes to keep the data available on our site.

Note: Individual user accounts will not be deleted. Users can be associated with many organizations. Users will still be able to log in and create other organizations.